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Dates The Word 2008

Last year 13 artists drew their webcomic creations nude all for Cancer Research UK and this year they're at it again, this time drawing themselves "baring all". But inside we're still after reaching 100 webcomic artist's birthdays.

You can either comment putting your birthday (all I need is the month and date, no year - don't worry not gonna ask how old you are). Or you can email me at and let me know. If you don't want to reveal, that's your priviledge, but think of all the lovely gifts (or more than likely email messages) on your day!

Plus... great way to promote your webcomic!

Re: Dates The Word 2008

Hi! I'm Dan. I work on Living with Toys and my birthday is June 1. I think this is a really awesome thing you are doing, and I am especially glad for it being taken in part through Cancer Research UK.

Re: Dates The Word 2008

moovok's picture

What's your last name btw and I'll add ya?

Re: Dates The Word 2008

Hernandez. Dan Hernandez.

I hope that joke doesn't incite anyone to strap me to a table and aim a laser at my crotch.

Or do I?