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The Triple Feature talkcast - THE KINGDOM PRIZE GIVEAWAY

Be sure to listen to The Triple Feature talkcast Monday night at 9:00 PM CST over at TalkShoe.
It's hosted by Tom Brazelton from Theater Hopper, Joe Dunn from Joe Loves Crappy Movies and Gordon McAlpin from Multiplex. The three creators talk about movies and take your questions.

In celebration of The Kingdom staring Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner being released in theaters this Friday, The Triple Feature has a prize pack giveaway that includes a full-sized poster, hat, t-shirt, mini notepad and jacket.

Listen to tonight's show for the first half of a clue. Then, come to Theater Hopper on Wednesday, September 26 for the second half. Send in the complete clue to for your chance to win! One winner will be chosen at random.

If you miss the live broadcast, you can download a copy of the show from TalkShoe and still be eligible. Don't miss it!