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The Oregonian interviews Onstad, blogs 'Achewood' free-tattoo promo

The Oregonian's AENow blog just published an interview with "Achewood" artist Chris Onstad about the free "Achewood" tattoo promotion going on in Portland:

"Ximena's a fan of the strip, and she had the clever idea to drum up business with this promotion," says "Achewood" creator Chris Onstad via e-mail. "From what I understand, it's a repeat-driven business. She sends me new photos every other day or so. We haven't got a red rotary telephone or anything, but it's keeping her busy. We have a high number of readers in Portland due to the large amounts of drugs that are constantly being consumed there."

Much more at the link -- including an explanation of "Achewood" for the newbies and a drop-in (with photos) at a evening tattoo session with a fellow who wanted Roast Beef inked on his shoulder blade.

A tattoo artist obsesses about "Achewood" (The Oregonian, Sept. 24, 2007)