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Studio Blu is now Studio BOO

It's (almost) that time of year again folks! It's quickly approaching October and Studio Blu is now STUDIO BOO. The site has had an entire skin-change with all the festive colors of Halloween as well as a new header.

Not only that, but October is going to feature something REALLY special.

What do myself, Poinko, Synduo and Sanna have in common? We're all drawing 31 monsters and posting them, every day during the month of October at Studio BOO!

Synduo went ahead and jumped the gun, but we love him anyway. But that means, starting October first you should check back daily for more monsters!

So, what I'd really appreciate is everyone dropping by, leaving comments, and spreading the word that way, next year we may get even more artists involved!

Have a wonderful and spooky October folks!