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New All Ages Comics Anthology Goes Live & Daily 30 September

Sugary Serials has announced the launch of their anthology series, inspired by the kinds of stories found in Saturday morning cartoons, and created by some of the finest artists of the webcomics and print comics industries.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the specific storytelling requirements found in Saturday morning cartoons,” said Jerzy Drozd, Sugary Serials contributing editor and co-creator of Make Like A Tree Comics. “You'd have limited time to tell a complete story, so the writers used all kinds of shorthand with both the characters and the plot. This isn't to say that it's watered down; in fact it's quite the opposite. It's concentrated storytelling. Sugary Serials intends to map those sensibilities onto a new generation of comics, for all generations of readers.”

A preview of the anthology was released on 01 September, and the anthology proper begins daily updates as of 30 September. The comics can be read in a variety of ways; on the web site, or they can be downloaded to the user’s PSP or favorite comics reading program. The comics can also be purchased in print from the Indy Planet web site. The comics anthology will also be released in said digital formats and collected in print at the end of each month. The online archives will always remain free.

Said Sugary Serials publisher Barry Gregory, “[Jerzy] really grasps the concept of digital comics and print-on-demand. He understands their potential.” Gregory owns and operates Ka-Blam Digital Printing and its fulfillment house, Indy Planet. Ka-Blam and Indy Planet will provide the print component for the Sugary Serials anthology, and Gregory will even be contributing a story to the series. “It’s one of the most fun things I’ve been involved with in a long time.”

Sugary Serials promises some unique features to set it apart from the usual online comics collective or anthology. The stories will be brand new, and the lineup will constantly change. Every month at least three stories will be featured on the web site in 8-page “acts”. The stories will run anywhere from 8 pages to 32 pages. As each story is completed, it will be replaced by a brand new title. The constantly changing lineup will ensure fresh content every few months.

Some of the creators signed on to create stories for the first year include:

Kitsy and KimonoStereo, of Nemu*Nemu

Chet Lucero, of Storm Corps

Roe Mesquita

Scott Neely, artist DC Comics artist for Scooby Doo

Matt Putnam-Pouliot, of Dial K for Komics

Robert Burke Richardson, of Elf Help

Mark Rudolph, of CV Comics

Richard Stevens, of Private Eye Butterfly

Sara Turner, of File 49