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Life's A Bluff Returns....

Phil Laak - Drawn by Zombie JacksLife's A Bluff returns today with Ryan Estrada. Every M-W-F you can count on a brand new comic. In fact, today I make this pledge; Should we miss an update at any time this next year (expires Oct 1, 2008) I will shave my head.


The spinoff strip Laak & Loaded starts Friday. Don't miss it!

Interview with Phil Laak: This LaB 'Random Questions' interview first appeared in the debut issue of Under The Gun DVD Magazine this year during the World Series of Poker. Some questions here have not yet been seen by the public. Be sure to check it out, it is a great read.

Photoshop Contest: Photoshop this picture of the Unabomber and you could win yourself a deck of Copag playing cards. ($20 value) - Details here.

The Unofficial Official Comic of Poker is back! And better than ever!