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Platinum Studios finally unveils the comic they squeezed creator Mike Strang out for!

Hello Comic Book Creators,

My name is Mike Strang and a few months ago I posted a controversial blog here about how my dealings with Platinum Studios Comics over my creation Weird Adventures in Unemployment and how they removed me from it.

also detailed in a great article by Heidi Macdonald here...

The comic they fired me for so they could produce instead has finally hit Drunk Duck, completley rewritten and redrawn by some one else. I was never shown any of it before it hit the net and honestly I have to say ...I hate it.

In fact I'm close to tears. I'm not saying I'm Stan Lee but it's nothing but a pale watered down  rendition of what I wrote and artist John Keene drew. It was much edgier and ambitious with a broader visual scope I must say giving props to Mr. Keene, than what's now presented.

I would like to reiterate the point of my first post... 


I feel bad saying I hate it, not shedding tears over Platinum's feelings mind you, but for the new writer and artist Brandon J Carr. I don't know him or have a beef with him personally. He probably doesn't even know who I am, and is just some guy working a gig under their direction. A gig that was long in the works before the formality of actually firing me took place under the guise of my outraged and justified reactions towards Platinum.  Those actions were used as an exscuse to finally remove me from my creation, as detailed here...

Having your creation which you worked so hard on and basically RAPED like that is what can happen when you sign a work for hire contract with a corporation like I naively did a few years ago. I signed that contract and trusted my characters where in good hands, which they were when EIC Lee Nordling was at Platinum. But he was removed from the company and my creation was left in control of less caring individuals like  Dan Forcey, VP of Content Development at Platinum who could care less about creators. Comics can be a soulless business.

There would have been no first blog if he would have ever been straight with me and treated me with any respect. Instead he dodged me and passed me off onto others hoping I'd go away when I was on to the fact they were replacing me without telling me.  

Although I don't endorse the work that goes under the name Werid Adventures In Unemployment that is featured on Dunk Duck and has my name on it, I would be even angrier if they take my name off the credits do to my latest tirade here. My comments on Drunk Duck were already deleted. I want my name to attached to it and Platinum for the the disrespect they show towards many of their creators that they take advantage of with their false promises and double dealings.

I want my name to be remembered so others won't get Mike Strang'ed.

Now let their shills attack me...

Re: Platinum Studios finally unveils the comic they squeezed cre


I noticed on one of your eralier threads you stated the following:


QUOTE: Also if my name isn't attached to Weird Adventures In Unemployment or anything that remotely resembles it in any shape or form, I easily have a lawsuit. Lawyers would line up for that.

>>> While I don't have any experiance in comic books, I do have experiance in screenwriting and work for hire under those terms. IF you signed over the work to them under a work for hire contract, chances are that you have no legal right to sue them for using the work without creadting you for any reason they want. Unless that was stated in the contract that they are required to credit you, and clearly it was not or they would have.

I have experiance in this from that fact that I am a Film Producer, and have entered into many work for hire contracts with writers. I am not attacking you, or saying what Platinum did was right, but keep in mind that In Film, we almost always hire other writers to polish the original authors work. Of course, we always credit said author of the original work. Personally, I think they should have at least gave you a  "Based on the original comic by Mike Strang" credit at the very least. But again, they were not required too.

When entering into contracts, let me offer you one work of advice: NEVER sign something without reading it in full, and making sure you understand every term. If you don't understand it, have a lawyer look over it. You never know what someone could throw into a contract! I once ran into a writer we hired who was scared to death to enter into the Work for hire agreement with us because the last company he worked for wrote into there contract that "They would own all rights to all future stories or works created by him"!!! Without reading this, he signed the agreement... Luckily, he was somehow able to get out of the agreement.



Just keep looking forward

Hey Mike,

I know many people who've signed unfair contracts in the past just out of desperation of getting their book out and published. My main problem with the way Platinum used to work was that, you could put in a hell of a lot of work for very little compensation and no gaurantee the book will ever see print (which was the main reason I turned down their offer). At least with some companies that are willing to take as much as they can, you get the credit, satisfaction and some shelf presence due to the fact the book actually goes to print and makes it into comic shops and you have something to show at cons. At least Platinum have finally started publishing books now.

I wish you all the best for the future and hope your future projects go more positively.

Re: Just keep looking forward

Thanks Jimmy!

Comics and contracts

Hey Mike,

It's obvious you are upset about the way things turned out. I'm not siding with the platinum guys or saying what they did was morally right. But in your own words "I played right into their hands. Signed a contract where they can take your property and kick you out the door". Which means either A) You signed the contract fully aware of what COULD happen but hoped for the best B) Didn't understand the contract but signed it hoping for the best C) DIdn't bother to read the contract and signed it hoping for the best. Nobody puts a gun to your head and makes you sign these things, once you've signed, you need to be mature enough to realise that you've AGREED to the terms in the contract.

It seems a lot of companies play on the "living the dream" enthusiasm in the hopes of creators signing their heavy handed scripts (not saying platinum did this to you, but I've seen half a dozen or so contracts I would never sign the past few years, one of which was to do the art on a platinum 4 issue mini-series) Also, I'm assuming you got paid something for your work as it was a WFH agreement? May not have been much but you got something right?

If you don't understand contacts or don't agree with terms in them, simply don't sign them. If you call them on the phone and they explain it to you in a clearer way, ask them to make it clearer in the contract. I don't think enough people stop and say "yeah, I'd like to work with you, but I'd like this part changed, can we talk about it?" A lot of companies who want to work with you are willing to negotiate or reword parts of contracts to make you happy.

I think everyone working in comics has been caught by a clause in a contract now and again. The few times I've been caught out, it's something you remember to look out for and you grow more and more vigilant over every future contract you receive.

I don't mean to cause an offence, but just as much as it was Platinums fault replacing you on the title, it was equally your fault signing the contract that gave them the power to do so.

Re: Comics and contracts

Now that's a valid criticism of me and the whole situation. I thank you Jimmy Bott and it reinforced my whole point for blogging in the first place and without half the profanities usually thrown at me by my sometimes zealot detractors.

I didn't make all the right moves in the first place. Other people should know and grow from the mistakes of others if they're going to thrive and survive in this business.



Re: Platinum Studios finally unveils the comic they squeezed cre

Why don't you go out and create what you sold them in the first place. If what is on DD is so different than your initial version then you should have no problem. Change the name, create the situations you wanted to do in the first place. Hell, create an account on DD and put it up there for fun. They own the title and the characters as you sold them initially. But they can't own your vision or really your ideas. They have taken it a completely different direction by what you have said. You can't call it the same thing or use the same names but you can certainly pursue your original vision.

Could Be Some Legal Risk To That...

Xaviar Xerexes's picture

It depends - without seeing the contract he signed it's hard to know how much legal risk he runs. Would Platinum sue him for creating something similar to what he sold them the copyright on? Hard to know but I would say the risk is greater than 0% that they would.

Also let's try and keep this thread informative and not vindictive. I've asked Mike Strang not to attack others here and I also ask everyone else from refraining from personal attacks on Strang. Obviously what's a personal attack and what is not can be difficult to draw the line on in a heated subject like this one so I just ask that everyone try to use a little common sense when posting to this thread.


Xaviar Xerexes

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Re: Platinum Studios finally unveils the comic they squeezed

Greg Carter's picture

Mike, this has got to be extremely frustrating, but keep creating good work, dude. That's the best revenge.

I hope this helps people learn a little about what Work for Hire and Intellectual Property mean. When a company buys a idea outright they no longer have any obligation to the person who sold it. None. If they hire the original creator to work on the comic there's nothing to keep them from firing that person. Please realize that all you creators out there.

And remember - it's business, it's not personal. The same scenario was played out with the Tokyopop OEL deals. And will again with Zuda, I'm sure. It doesn't mean the companies are evil, it means they are businesses and will, by nature, try to wring out everything they can possibly get. If naivete plays a part in that, it's not their problem.

There are a lot of webcomic folks who have absolutely no experience with the print comic industry that visit here. I hope they can see past "teh drama" and realize this can and does happen. And not just to "the other guy". As webcomics are taken more seriously corporate comic companies will be circling like sharks. And will be just as ruthless because it is their nature, not because they are are thieves. <sarcasm>Robber barons maybe, but not thieves.</sarcasm>

Greg Carter Abandon

Greg Carter - Abandon: First Vampire - Online Graphic Novel

Re: Platinum Studios finally unveils the comic they squeezed

Thanks for the words man. Your Abandon looks pretty sweet too.

Re: Platinum Studios finally unveils the comic they squeezed cre

Mike, it's sad to hear what happened. I can't imagine what it's like to loose something such as an idea for a comic to a big company who will ruin your idea as you saw it.

But, as with all things you have to read contracts you sign, did you not consider before signing to show it to a lawyer or a friend with some legal knowledge to warn you of what sort of things could go wrong further down the line? Even just signing my currents jobs contract I had my father check through it for my benefit, but when its something like intellectual property you have to be careful.

From what i've read about this staff at Platinum may not have handled your booting from the property correctly, but things are ever pleasant!

My suggestion is to knuckle down, grab together some of your fine ideas with an artist friend and go totally indie. Show those people you hate that you can do what you wanted to achieve, then they'll hopefully regret loosing a talent like yourself.

Re: Platinum Studios finally unveils the comic they squeezed cre

Thanks for the pep talk dude. I actually am working on new things, just under a pen name now.


My apologies for the gigantic block of text. The formatting didn't take, for some stupid reason. Argh!

Re: argh

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I took a stab at breaking it up - you probably had a mismatch of formatting to input format. The default is leave the rich text editor on, input filter set to WYSIWYG and use the formatting buttons atop the text box for formatting...


Xaviar Xerexes

Oh yeah... this place is called ComixTalk now.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.


[quote=xerexes]I took a stab at breaking it up - you probably had a mismatch of formatting to input format. The default is leave the rich text editor on, input filter set to WYSIWYG and use the formatting buttons atop the text box for formatting... [/quote]

Thanks! Looks like you broke it up just as it needed to be done. Switched to IE now (shudder); hopefully, it'll look right now.

Who's to blame here?

Well, I'm automatically labelled as a shill for posting here, which puts me at an immediate disadvantage. Well-played on your part, man.

I can't wait to see how the Platinum-haters have a "SEE?!? I TOLD YOU SO!!!" field day with this blog post of yours. Should be interesting, considering that this whole thing smacks of personal grief and lashing-out. You've gone through a lot of trouble in attacking two people I know personally, and everything you've said about the both of them has been 100% false in my experience. Looks to me like you're extremely upset by the situation and are channelling that anger here. I get the feeling that this is going to be one of those "Damn, did I really say that?" experiences for you once you get your wits about you again. No worries, dude. I've done the same thing myself.

Still, in reading over this post and your previous "Never sign a work-for-hire with Platinum" rant, I have to wonder what you expected would happen. I also have to wonder how old you are, to tell you the truth. You learned some very important lessons, and you learned them the hard way. Let's go over these lessons, shall we?

1. Never sign a work-for-hire contract on a project that's dear to you. That's absolutely true and completely common sense. If it's yours, and you love it like it's your child, what on Earth would possess you to give all legal rights over the project to someone else? You were blinded by this "my dream involves putting my comic next to Batman in my long box", and signed away, didn't you? Understandable, but a bad choice. Once you sign on that dotted line, your baby isn't your baby anymore. Period. I have a baby like that. I work on it in my spare time. I will never, ever sign a WFH contract when it's time to publish it, no matter how badly I want it published. Because of one simple fact: when you sign that contract, it's not yours anymore. So why did you sign?

2. Signing a contract the size of "War and Peace", worded in legalese is a bit hard to navigate through for a first-timer with no experience. That's absolutely true. And, if you're a first-timer with no experience, you need to take a hard look at yourself. Are you signing this WFH contract because you understand it completely and see it as the next step in your personal career, or are you just going to skim over it, sign on the dotted line, cross your fingers and hope for the best? You were blinded by that "longbox dream" of yours, weren't you? Didn't bother to read and understand the entire contract before you signed it, didn't you? You all but admit it in the comments of your previous post. How is Dan or Platinum to blame for that? Oh, and a note for the spectators: The contract isn't that large. Well, mine wasn't, anyway. It's 14 pages, and the legalese is actually very crisp and clear. Easy to read if a) you take your time and be smart about it, and b) aren't a first-timer with no experience. If you find that a and b are true for you, you should seriously consider finding a lawyer friend to help you out, or just don't sign the damn thing. Don't make Mike Strang's mistake.

Those are your lessons, Mike, although they can be summed up nicely as: "Don't be blinded by what you *want* to happen. Stay cool, stay smart, and figure out what's really going to happen." It's obvious to anyone who reads this blog post and the one that came before it that you wanted something and you let it blind you to the point where you made some fundamental and very stupid mistakes. Chalk it up as life experience and move on. That's all you've left yourself at this point. Harsh? Yes. True? Yes. Besides, I'm sure you'll come up with another story or idea. And when that story or idea comes along, you'll be better prepared to make deals and such with it.

A note on Brandon and Dan: take Mike's rantings with a grain of salt, kids. Brandon and Dan are two of the nicest people I've ever met in this industry. Which is saying a lot, considering how much bullshit you step in on a daily basis in this line of work. A lot of assholes work in comics, and Dan & Brandon aren't two of them. Brandon has a proven track record of delivering the goods, and I can see why Platinum hired him to do this job. He's friendly and delivers the goods when it's time to deliver the goods. Dan is a stand-up guy doing the work of five or six people, and doing it well. I've worked for more than my fair share of flaky assholes over the past fifteen years--both in the comics industry and the RPG industry--and Dan isn't the flaky asshole you've made him out to be, dude. Not by a long shot. The man gets things done and makes things happen, but you've got to pull your own weight as well. It's a two-way street, and judging by your two blog posts, you were treating it like it was a one-way street. You're a "first-timer with no experience in the biz" so that's understandable. But what happened to you wasn't the fault of some evil, moustache-twisting Dan Forcey. Nonetheless, Heidi and the other harpies are gonna jump all over this shit like a buzzard on a dead body and pick its bones clean. But, in the end, anyone who's read your two posts are going to put two and two together, shake their head, and say, "welcome to Real Life." It sucks that you've lost a property that you hold so dear to you. It really does. I've lost a few in my time as well. But hey! Now you know better. Stop making others out to be the villians here. At some point, I hope you realize the mistake you've made and come back stronger in the future, because I look forward to seeing what you've got up your sleeve.

Re: Who's to blame here?

In brief,

Looks like you spent a long time crafting this spin doctoring piece. Platinum should commend you.

Yes I am young. I do have a long life to look forward too and learned a lesson. If I ever by the grace of god own my own comic company this shit will never happen to any creator. I know that business is personal.

Your right too, I played right into their hands. Signed a contract where they can take your property and kick you out the door.

I stand by my statements that Dan is a jerk and was never warm to me or gave me the time of day even before my venom came out.

The harpies come out everytime because where there's smoke there's fire.

Double post

[Deleted - double post]

jesus christ

This blog software sucks, dude. Two browsers I've used on this stuff, and both times, the formatting gets lost, and I get double-posted. You should demand your money back. ;)

Re: jesus christ

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How dare you offend my Christian god!!!!?!?!?








Are you using Safari - that has had problems before. Otherwise I think you've flipped a setting (see my other post below) on the text box here...


Xaviar Xerexes

Oh yeah... this place is called ComixTalk now.

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Re: jesus christ

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[quote=xerexes]Are you using Safari - that has had problems before. [/quote]

Opera and Firefox, actually. Although now that I've actually created an account, I have all sorts of formating doohickeys that I didn't see before.

So, I guess it's all good now. Thanks for the assist, dude!


Re: Who's to blame here?

Spent a long time crafting...? Please. I typed that shit out as it was coming to me, which is why it's a little rambling.

As for Platinum, they have no clue I'm doing this, but feel free to believe otherwise.

I noticed your snarky comments to Brandon up above there. You're childish, insulting and self-centered. Hm...I can't figure out for the life of my why you got the boot.

Here's the truth, bro: people like you are the reason the work-for-hire contract exists. Let's do a little role-playing here...

Let's say you're the head of your own comic company, and some dude shows up with a great-looking project. "Let's sign this guy up!" you say. But you let him keep all the copyrights. You let him have total control over the project because it's his idea. Nonetheless, you give him money and make an investment in his time and his ideas.

Months go by, and this guy turns out to be a real primadonna. "Oh shit," you say to yourself. "We've put a lot of money and time into this guy, and all he's giving us is grief. He's not delivering jack shit as far as product. We paid him to make a comic, but all he's making is noise."

What are you gonna do now? Answer: nothing. You've let him keep his copyrights. He has you by the balls. He came off as competent and mature when you first signed him on, but over time his true nature has reared its ugly head. And all that time and money you've invested in him is now wasted. In short: you're fucked. The best you can do is tell him "sorry, I don't think this is gonna work" and let him move on to one of your competitors. If this kind of thing were the norm, there would be hundreds of slackers who could make a very comfortable living off of taking money from others, flaking out, and moving on to repeat as necessary.

Hence the work-for-hire contract. It's not a "deal with the devil", although, admittedly, it can be. It's more a "cover the company's ass in case this guy turns out to be a douche" safety net.

If more creators, writers and artists would conduct themselves as mature adults, there would be no need for the infamous WFH contract.

Stand by your statements about Dan all you like. Without any concrete proof, they're just statements, and I can tell everyone here that, in my experience, you're completely and utterly full of shit.

As for the harpies, they don't come out because there's fire. They come out because they make a living ranting and raving and carrying on. They like to take half-assed heresay like this and rev it up to 100 miles per hour and shout it to all the world. In short: they're just another breed of attention whore.

I don't have anything against you, dude, but you need to grow the fuck up. You also need to harden the fuck up. I was you about fifteen/twenty years ago, and I'm embarassed at myself back then if this is what I sounded like to others.

Suck it up. Learn your lesson. Realize that you made a big mistake. Come up with another comic idea, but for Chrissakes, handle it right this time! Because I honestly wanna read it.

Re: Who's to blame here?

That role play you wrote there was interesting but it's not how my situation went down at all. I delivered exactly what was asked of me ahead of time with no grief. When Lee was removed from the company is when the shenanigans on their part that were not figments of my imagination started (which i explained already) and I got angry. Then i caused grief.

If I'm unhappy about how a situation went down I don't have to sit back and just take it. It's my right to shout it from the rooftops in the form of a cyberspace blog. That's what they're here for.

I'm not chalking anything up as a lesson learned quietly. That lesson being I signed a really lousy contract that a company was all too eager to take advantage of.

Your quick to direct a little attitude at me but why didn't you do it to the guys that put you in my current situtation those years ago? I'm getting it off my chest and it feels good. I'm letting themknow exactly how I feel. You didn't and you missed out.

The harpies always seem to come out for Platinum but somehow i never read anything about the practices of other independants like Dark Horse, Oni, Devils Due, Boom Studios, etc because there might actually be something less than gentlemenly going on.

CBR had a very interesting about their finaces...

read that here...

Re: Who's to blame here?

Thanks, Adam. You're a mensch!


Re: Platinum Studios finally unveils the comic they squeezed cre

Hey, Mike!

I'm sorry you don't like the direction I've taken with the strip, but there's really not much to go on yet. If I recall correctly, your original script started with a splash page of a dude on a can never really tell from only one step in, you know?

If you're interested in seeing where the story goes, I encourage you to patiently enjoy the comic. Or if my approach is really that disatisfying, just check in from time to time or avoid it altogether. Most of the comments I've received via DrunkDuck, e-mail, and IM indicate that people are intrigued and looking forward to seeing what happens next. It appears you're not of the same mind, which I'm sorry about.

Just know that the property you created is breathing new life, getting people's interest, and has had a fantastic number of hits so far for a start-up online comic. Even though you're not attached to the project, it couldn't have been done without you.


PS - For the bystanders...  Judge for yourself!

Re: Platinum Studios finally unveils the comic they squeezed cre

Brandon, I hold no beef with you being a scab worker like the players of the 87' NFL season.

Thank you acknowleding that this project wouldn't have happend without me. Which also earned you a paycheck.

My critque of your work though stems from the fact that my intial vision was far more ambitious. Therefore my disapointment upon seeing this minimalistic rendition. We went from Clerks to Dilbert.

Check out the concept art along with a little more detail to my outrage at my personal website here...

My beef is with Platinum Studios hiring you while I was still on the project, never telling me about it, and if i never found out seeing it on Drunk Duck yesterday would still have been the first time I ever saw any of it. As the creator I feel if they wanted a rewrite I should have had a first crack at it out of respect.

When I didn't get that respect is when I became disgruntled.

That is a fact that work went on behind my back before my confrontations with Dan Forcey, Adam Rosenblum, and Rosenberg. If I was fired in June you were well at work on Weird Adventures if it's up on Drunk Duck only three months later having to go through treatment, script approvals, character approvals, thumbnails, pencils, inks, etc.

Proof I was railroaded out of my creation long before my dismall.

As for my writing you could tell alot about the first page. It set up who the main character was, where he lived, and what kind of guy he was and from the title what he might be in for.

Things Need To Stay Civil...

Xaviar Xerexes's picture


Folks are welcome to post here - you have posted a couple of times about your own personal experience with Platinum. And that's interesting and frankly I think your last post provoked a pretty good discussion. You need to try to keep a civil tone about things though (you're right up to the line right here as far as I'm concerned) if you want to keep participating here.

I understand this may be a topic that's not easy for you to stay civil about (and by civil I mean picturing yourself having a face-to-face conversation with the people here - if you say stuff that would disrupt the room in that hypothetical you're probably over-the-line here) but that's the rule here. If you want to be uncivil the intertubes are a vast place and there are other spots you can use for that...


Xaviar Xerexes

Oh yeah... this place is called ComixTalk now.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Re: Things Need To Stay Civil...

I thank you for the platform and i'll try to keep a cooler head.

Re: Platinum Studios finally unveils the comic they squeezed cre

Mike -

First of all, I want to offer a clarification both to you and those who may be misguided by what you're saying. As you said, you and Platinum split ways in June...but it wasn't until mid-July that I had my first contact with Dan Forcey. And because it's not a print project and isnt' my first gig, my reign is freer than you may have experienced (also I'm sure some of the staff changes on the Platinum end altered the approach). I didn't even put the finishing touches on yesterday's strip until Sunday night. So to the best of my knowledge, there were no secret behind-your-back planning sessions going on. Once you were out of the picture, they didn't want to not go ahead with an idea that has a lot of potential.

I'm not sure I get the Dilbert comparison unless it's because the two characters I've shown so far in the one page I've posted are in an office and wearing ties. That's a situation that's going to resolve itself within six or seven strips and then he'll move on to his next thing. The only difference between your Wrigley and mine is that my Wrigley wants to have a job. The Clerks-style slacker has been done to death and I felt a fresh approach was warranted. My WAIU is more Shaun of the Dead than anything else.

And my statement about your first page wasn't a writing critique at all...I'm just saying that it's hard to gauge an entire work from a single page. I know you're not interested in giving it a chance, but at the same time other people are digging it, watered-down and non-edgy though it may be. Broader appeal isn't the worst thing in the leads to larger audiences and more exposure.

I've read a lot of your posts and the site to which you just linked, but I really don't know what your problem is with Dan Forcey. I hung out with Dan at Wizard World Chicago (in August, before I'd written a word of script) and he seems genuinely passionate about comics and all of the projects he's working on. And he's so laid back I can't see him getting under someone's skin like he seems to have with you. I'm not being a smartass, I'm sincerely curious about this.



Re: Platinum Studios finally unveils the comic they squeezed cre

Maybe you haven't seen the side of Dan that I have.

Now that I've seen two pages I personally I don't see the level of comedy increased from you version over mine.

You have a generic monster in a off limits room in a generic office with nondescript characters on a first day of work.

My version featured a filthy out of order toilet stall in a convenient store in the middle of nowhere that was haunted and guarded by an odd foreign guy as discovered by the town fool on his first day of work.

Mine had a little more meat so you can see my disatisfaction. The ghost had a backstory, why the main character was out of work ultimately had an origin that was a twist explained in the final issue, the city he lived in had a canon of odd townie characters. And remember my Wrigley did want a job also. He just couldn't get the one he wanted leading to his situation getting more and more dismal and comedically desperate in each bizarre adventure thereafter.

I truly believe my version packed solid stories with some clever humor and a couple of scares. I think that's more marketable than a title and a basic concept that is all that seems to be left.

I'll keep reading on. Hope it gets better.

My site is

Re: Platinum Studios finally unveils the comic they squeezed cre

If Brandon's take is so far afield from what you had intended and planned. Why not just file the serial numbers off and do your own project and just consider this a lesson learned.

Yes, it sucks what happened to you. But you got farther than many others ever do. You actually had them pick up your story and have some interest in it. Grow on that.

Now you know better. That's the danger of a Work-for-hire comic.

But like I said. make some changes and do the story that you want to do. What have they retained? the title? the character names? the rough idea? the plot?

Well, in your favor, a concept can't be trademarked that's why you see half a dozen "grim avenger of the night" characters.

if the concept is simply "guy encounters weird stuff where he works" keep that. You did have more than one specific story in mind, didn't you?

Change the title, change the character names, keep control to yourself or yourself and the artist and publish on your own; publish to the web, it doesn't matter. Tell the story you want to tell, nothing can stop you from doing that.

And remember there's a huge divide between creators and managers and every one is going to have a separate experience. I know I've had greating working situations with people that have been decried by others and vice versa. It does not automatically make them a shill. And No, I do not nor have I ever had any association with Platinum, Drunk Duck, or any of their other operations.

Re: Platinum Studios finally unveils the comic they squeezed cre

Since they sat on Weird Adventures in Unemployment for so long I think they missed the boat on the concept of "guy encounters weird stuff where he works" anyway. It's basically A Night At The Museum but I wrote it long before that came out last year.

In my opinion the present version comes off more like a logline that a comic. My version was character based and differentiated greatly from the enevitable comparison to A Night at the Museum. But if that's all Platinum wants to keep as a property is the concept instead of the cannon of characters and locales then they don't have much other than a rehash of that movie revolving around different jobs.

You got a point on if I can reuse the main character with another name all I want. Unfortunately they got my stories and creatures but my character's likeness as I described him was my goofy blogging ass. They can't own a copyright on ME.

This whole situation mirrors what happened in issue 4.

I continue to write and I use the same style I started on Weird something they also can't copyright.