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Max Mead Cartoons RE-LAUNCH ! -- weekly batches for everyone!

HeY everyone!

 I thought i would put up a blog posting about the RE-LAUNCH of

I've got a fresh batch of cartoons on the site now, and a new pattern for releasing them! 

Each week from now on, cartoons will be posted in a fresh batch (usually more than 6, but always fewer than 10) on Mondays! I hope this will make it easy for people to check back once a week, and make the visit worth their while, since each week there are several single panels to read! Also, there's any easy interface to blog them or post them to your various online profiles if you come across one you especially like. These cartoons are overwhelmingly sarcastic and witty, but at the same time, I  hope you find them to be funny and insightful as well. The response so far has been great!

Also, many of the cartoons are available as postcards, and are selling at a few bookstores, card & novelty shops, and coffee shops around New England. Please drop me a line if you know of any stores that you think these postcards and my overall sense of humor would fit in well with. Perhaps there's one right in your neighborhood.

Check out the new site, and let me know what you think!

Cheers and jeers,

Max Mead 

 MaxMeadCartoons !

Here's a new cartoon now, just for fun!