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Less Sleep: The Key To Making More Comics!

Wow - check out this article with a guy who stayed awake for 11 days!  He probably has the world record for this.  I've never heard of his left/right brain theories on why we need sleep and for all I know he's totally bonkers but just think how much more we could all get done without all that pesky sleep in the way! :)

Re: Less Sleep: The Key To Making More Comics!

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Well he's got some confused ideas on how hormones work (you don't get hormones from food, your body makes them, dammit!), and what kind of diet "our ancestors" had. (Early humans ate meat as well as fruit and nuts, that's where the term "hunter-gatherer" comes from, they didn't eat grain, though, and the meat was probably somewhat less fatty.)

But, hey. Dolphins actually function by sleeping one side of the brain at a time. It might be possible? (Though I doubt it)



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