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Schlock Mercenary: 1, Starslip Crisis: 0

Round 1 of the Starslip Crisis crossover Alterverse War is heating up, with the Steel Duck from Melonpool taken captive even as the Touch-And-Go from Schlock Mercenary pummels the museum ship Fuseli after a devastating plasma salvo. With its primary starslip arch destroyed, will the Fuseli be able to defeat a ship whose shields can withstand a star going nova?!

The Alterverse War is a crossover event involving more than thirty sci-fi webcomics. Even though I'm writing it, I'm using fanboy logic and stats provided by the participating webcartoonists to make the fights as fair (if there is such a thing) as possible. With all the other high-powered entrants in the game, Starslip Crisis may not (probably won't) come out on top!

Check it out every Saturday at Starslip Crisis!