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Quitting Time emerges triumphantly - but still at minimum wage.

Dung Beetle Comics is pleased to announce the full return of Quitting Time, a weekly webcomic about the wacky world of retail.

This summer, just after celebrating its first full year of comics, Quitting Time was knocked offline for more than a month by the Comic Genesis server transition snafus. Looking for a more stable solution, QT creator Mike Moss moved the comic onto its own hosting site and upgraded its backend to ComicPress at the same time for a snazzy new look. All the archives have been reposted, along with a new cast page and three weeks of new strips. By the year's end, Moss plans to fill in the remaining gaps in the archives from the weeks when the strip couldn't update.

But wait! There's more! You don't just get a shiny new Quitting Time with an all-new backend. You also get a new letterer -- Dung Beetle co-founder Linda Howard. With her debut, Linda brings an upgraded look to Customer of the Week and Products that Never Made It, the subcomics that run on the site on Wednesdays on Fridays.

Quitting Time's sister comic, Shadensmilen, has also transferred to its own site and upgraded to ComicPress. The comic is still set to publishing on an irregular basis, but Moss has vowed that at least one smiley face will meet a new traumatic fate every month.

Re: Quitting Time emerges triumphantly

Linda Howard Valentine's picture

Yay! ... Then again, as the aforementioned letterer, I suppose I'm biased.