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First post

My name's Peter, and I'm excited to make a foray into the webcomic world. This is sort of one of those "I want to make a post to try out this blog thing, but I'm sure I'll regret whatever I put here because you know how first impressions are" kind of posts, so I'll try to keep it under control.

First, I'll just say that I'm really pleased this resource exists--Comixtalk, I mean. I teach English, and one of the things I'm always telling my students is that when they write, they are not just writing to themselves, in a vacuum; they are entering a discourse community. And indeed webcomics is such a community, and a very rich one.

While I've been drawing a webcomic every other day for about 6 weeks now, it hadn't struck me until recently, in conversation with a friend, that my webcomic was in a way being written to itself, in a vacuum. I have lots of ideas of how I want to play with the genre of the single-panel comic, and delusions about reinventing it or at least expanding it's potential. But that's all hogwash until the comic is enriched by the conversations of the community that defines, shapes, and responds to the genre.

So here I am, as one of my favorite professors would say, entering a room where the conversation is already happening. I'll listen, and every so often, based on what I'm hearing, I'll have something to say.