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The anxiety of updatedness

When did "Oh boy, I'm going to update this comic every day" turn into "I hope I can find time to update this weekend?"

The original plan (how naive I was) was to draw a quick cartoon every morning as part of my routine. You know, a breakfast-related cartoon ought to be updated every day before breakfast time. Isn't breakfast when we used to crack open the newspaper to the funny pages, so we could sip our coffee and check, with morbid curiousity, the dying pulse of the Comic Strip?

Well this hasn't worked out so far. Updates have been scant recently.On the other hand, if I look at the evidence, I'm drawing the comic almost every day even if panels don't end up posted on the site.

During my commute I'm always brainstorming. One of the advantages of drawing a nonverbal comic is that the mental "prewriting" can be all visual and its easier to remember those random ideas that flash before my mind's eye. I also end up doodling a lot in my notebook during my night class. I'm taking a class to get fully certified to teach, and while the content is useful and fascinating, by 6 pm my brain starts shutting down. All I can do to save my sanity is draw little pears and cups. Or, judging by the absurdity of the drawings, maybe it's too late for the sanity thing.

pear doodle