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PvP hits Xbox 360 today

Just wanted to let everyone know that PvP is officially available in the Xbox 360 marketplace in several flavors:

  • Episode 1 of PvP: The Series is available in the dowloadable media section. Enjoy it in HD on your Television.
  • PvP Gamerpics are now available to adorn your gamer profile. Strike fear into your opponants by showing with a Panda or Scratch Fury avatar. Rock out your Guitar Hero stats with a Skull in Kiss makeup avatar.
  • PvP backgrounds are also available. Download the first of many upcoming PvP themes to decorate the backgrounds of your Xbox Live menu.

You can find all PvP stuff under BLIND FERRET ENTERTAINMENT. And look forward to more Xbox content not just from PvP but also Least I could Do and Looking for Group.