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New Webcomic Player at

Last month Clickwheel, the iPod comic site, relaunched with a new front page and features. Among those new features were an iPhone emulator we’re calling the Push-Comic player that allows users to read Clickwheel comics right on their computer. Today we're launching the next step for our reader featuring more content and a user controlled upload feature. You can find it here.

We've completely redesigned the interface and added a bunch of new features, like the push-comics' Lab, a new tool for viewing and testing your comic directly in the emulator to see how it will play on the iPhone and next gen iPods. It's simple and intuitive to use and represents, we believe, the first in a new generation of online comic readers.

Currently, you can only upload your comic to the player and try it out. But there's more to come. We're working on a feature that will allow you to push the finished comic directly to your Clickwheel account together with the title, date and description, all without moving off the push-comics page and all without needing an iPhone/iPod touch.

But it's not all for the creators. If you want simply to browse, we have the Editor's Picks, a selection of some of the more recent and/or outstanding work on Clickwheel which, again, you can read directly on the player, including a new exclusive episode of Random Encounters.

We are very excited about the player and have plans to take it much further. As always, we place a lot of value on you for ideas and suggestions. So if you have any thoughts, please let us know via our forum or by emailing tim’at’