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Return of the Wiki

It looks like is really picking up steam -- adding articles at a much healthier rate. (You, yes you well-informed ComixTalk reader, should add something to an entry there)

I've had some recent discussions about Wikipedia again and I am trying to recall some of the more outrageous deletions of notable webcomics entries from Wikipedia. I definitely recall the back and forth circus over Girly, the ridiculous effort to delete Ted Rall's anthology of webcomic creators: Attitude 3, Kris Straub's "experiment" in Wikipedia deletion follies, FLEEN's explanation of "notability logic" in action, and Terrence Marks wrote a post listing a large number of deleted entries. Hey let's even throw in there the fact that the entry for Comixtalk itself got deleted.

If there are any other good examples of notable webcomics being actually deleted or subjected to a tortuous deletion review please post a link or a summary here. I'm not trying to resurrect the angst of earlier times but there are folks inside the Emerald City of Wiki-land who are trying to bring some sanity to the deletion process and are looking for help in compiling evidence.

Re: Return of the Wiki

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It looks like the article on webcomic article deletion is also likely to be deleted.

Read here

Just check out some of their arguments... apparently comic creators are so dumb;

They don't know much about how these pages function or what types of arguments work well.

<sarcasm>Yeah, too right, I lost all sense of reason once I started drawing and I have no idea whatsoever on how to use a wiki-based site.

All comic creators are thick, unreasonable and unskilled. it stands to reason that we can't string two words together to create a coherent argument.</sarcasm>

And then there's

be careful of anything that could hurt the integrety of the community

Nice spelling. Actually, I think the integrity is exactly what is in question here.

A shameful display really, and more than a little absurd.


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Re: Return of the Wiki

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It is more than a little hilarious that wiki-journalism is subject to deletion review. Thank god it's not the future of journalism as a whole - can you imagine?

"I think your story on this Watergate break-in is not notable because...."



Xaviar Xerexes

Oh yeah... this place is called ComixTalk now.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.