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One in a continuing series of books I picked up at this year's Small Press Expo -- a brief plug for Subculture#1 which does a nice job of capturing a variety of socially maladjusted comic book fanboys. It doesn't venture too far from the stereotypes of geekdom in this first issue -- in fact it amps them up tossing a "hot chick who likes comics" into the mix, automatically flummoxing males left and right... That probably sounds more negative than I mean to - regardless of my description it's a pretty funny book and the art is a good match - a bit cartoony but just a bit. Stan Yan has some chops.

Moreover the creators seemed like decent dudes and I checked out the previews of issues 2-4 at their Comicspace site (there's a preview of issue #1 here) which looked pretty promising -- not sure if I'm going to run out and buy them, but if it was online I'd definitely add it to my reading queue.