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Sugary Serials #1 now in print

With the 31 October update, we conclude the web edition of the first issue of Sugary Serials, the full color, all ages, Saturday morning cartoon-inspired comics anthology. So, as promised, the print edition is now on sale at our IndyPlanet store!

If you've enjoyed the first issue, a great way to show your support is to head on over and buy a book. 100% of the cover price (after print costs) goes to the creators, so folks like Chet Lucero, Mark Rudolph, and Sara Turner will thank you for it. Did I mention that the books are good for kids? Why not get a copy for a young one in your life? More kids should be reading comics, don't you think?

Sugary Serials #2 begins updating daily as of 01 November, featuring the second acts to Dreamform Defenders, Curse of the Pharaohs, and Equalizers of the Divide. And just as with the first issue, once it's online serialization is complete it will be available in print.