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I Wanna Trade Books!

Theater Hopper booksIt seems to be the goal of most web comic creators to see their work in print. I've accomplished the feat twice - self-publishing and nearly killing myself in the process.

Now I'm at the point where I've seen a nice enough return on my investment and I'm a little less uptight about breaking even on the venture.

I'm interested in trading my books with other creators.

This is something I do at conventions all the time. I see someone whose work I like and if I see they have a print collection, I ask them if they want to trade. You get to learn more about the artist and how they put their book together, plus - you both get something for FREE! Everybody wins!

Personally, I'm interested in amassing a large collection of web comic books because one of these days I'm not going to keep up with the life anymore and I'll have to hang up my pens. It would be nice to have some souveniers from my time as a web comic artist.

If you're a creator with a book you'd like to trade, drop me a line.

If you're a fan and you're interested in picking up one of my books (maybe for the holidays?) I sell them on my site for $15 bucks a pop. You can learn more about Theater Hopper: Year One and Theater Hopper: Year Two by clicking on those links, respectively.

Every book purchase comes with a free custom sketch, so you get a little extra bang for your buck. Check it out!