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Halloween Webcomics

Post your links to Halloween-inspired webcomics to this thread - yours or others!

There's no new activity in Fright Night land this year, but feel free to survey the scary stories of years gone by. For new ghostly webcomics check out Halloween Stories at Jon Morris' Oucopo blog. Jon is the creator of the web/comic Jeremy and has organized previous ghouly comic projects.

Oh and check out this cool carving into a pumpkin of Schlock from Schlock Mercenary. That is pretty cool!

Re: Halloween Webcomics

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whoop... mine is here

pretty scary stuff.



Re: Halloween Webcomics

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You already posted about mine. It started here. I thank you.

Clan of the Cats

Re: Halloween Webcomics

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We usually try to run 'scary' comics right through October, but forgot this year until about the 17th or so.

Byrobot Dot Net

Re: Halloween Webcomics

Little Terrors! -

Re: Halloween Webcomics

Strange Candy (the webcomic of Emi-chan and myself) has the annual cosplay Halloween comic up:

Strange Candy

Can you name who all the anime costumes belong to?