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Two Left, One Book To Go

The Kid's Book Project is only two pages away from the end which means that soon enough the pre-order page will change as the book will be finally get ready to get printed with the wonderful cover by Liz Greenfield. The wonderful pages, all 55 artists have contributed to one individual page, all spanning either backwards or forwards.

If you're after your copy (and there is only 500 being produced), you should get your order in quickly as they're seriously disappearing. The book contains the wonderful contributions from: Jon Scrivens, Philip Spence, Bryan Chojnowski, Frank Page, Ali Graham, Richard Lillie, Steve Wallace, Eddie Bowley, Steve Napierski, Julie Keene, Nate Wootters, Joseph Edens, Brandon J. Carr, Ivan Pope, Dave Sherrill, Ryan Estrada, Jimmy Tierney, Adam Murray, Andrew James, Dean Trippe, Brian Brown, Jason Sigler, Edward J Grug III, Mitch Clem, Shawn Miller, Ryan Armand, Stephen Waller, Liz Walsh, Ryan North, Gareth Lind, Edmund Osterman, Joe Dunn, Jeffery Manley, Donny Fox, Phillippe St. Gerard, Jeff Burkholder, Josh Rosen, Carly McGowan, Frank Gibson, Danielle Corsetto, James Hutchinson, Dan Scannell, Dorothy Gembrell, Damien Wilcox, Matt Sandbrook, Tom Truszkowski, Les Mellor, Zach Clairville, Molly McCausland, Ed Ryzowski, BT Livermore, Brittney Crump, and Charles Woolbright Jnr.

So if you want to raise money for Make-A-Wish Foundation International and help children with lifethreatening illnesses have a great life, then order one today!