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Odd Jobs Options for Television Series

Exciting news from Hollywoodland:

Tim Broderick's mystery webcomic ODD JOBS, has been optioned to Warner Brothers Television. The series will include the stories "Something to Build Upon" and "Cash & Carry".

For more details check out Tim's website. 


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I thought this bit from Journalista! was worth adding:

[Snark] I wasn’t going to mention Tim Broderick’s Odd Jobs getting optioned for television by Warner Brothers, as it isn’t really news — as anyone who’s covered indy print comics for a while will tell you, it’s almost easier to name comics that haven’t been optioned at one point or other than to name the ones that have — but Gary Tyrrell came up with a point that was too good not to relay along your way:

Warner Brothers Television is a division of Warner Brothers Entertainment (itself a part of the Time Warner megacorporation), as is DC Comics, which is the parent of Zudacomics. Looks like the pathway to big-media partnerships doesn’t necessarily run through Zuda after all. But then, we knew that.

There are differences between Broderick’s deal and what Zuda offers. After all, Broderick presumably still owns his strip…



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Oh yeah... this place is called ComixTalk now.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Re: Odd Jobs Options for Television Series

Great news to hear! I was hoping to see another webcomic deal after "You Damn Kid" had been picked up

(BTW, anyone know the status on that?).



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Blue Sky: Ancient demons, destiny, and the horrors of high school!