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New Comics at Graphic Smash!

I’m proud to announce some great new action comics joining the Graphic Smash team, specifically Gunnerkrigg Court, Soul Driver, and Gun Street Girl Presents. All of our new comics are currently available and all three are have completely free archives and new episodes.

  • Soul Driver, by Jim Giar is blood-soaked black and white noir at it’s finest, featuring a cast of no-good-nicks sure to sure to please any fan of crime drama. Giar brings the intensity hot and heavy so try not to wear out the edge of your seat too quickly!
  • Gunnerkrigg Court, by Tom Siddell is a story set in a boarding school full of the strange, the weird, and the just plain creepy. Gunnerkrig mixes elements of fantasy and steampunk into world full of monsters, robots, and mystery all rendered in Siddell’s beautifully minimalist approach.
  • Last and certainly not least, Graphic Smash is elated to welcome back Barbara Lien-Cooper and Ryan Howe’s Gun Street Girl, one of GS’ original classics. This time however, we have a twist. Not only will Barb and Ryan be bringing GS readers Liz and Eddie’s continuing adventures in Gun Street Girl, but they will also be starting up several new projects at Graphic Smash under the Gun Street Girl Presents banner and you know with these two doing the comicing, they’re going to be awesome.

So come on over and check them out along with Graphic Smash’s current roster of amazing talent. There’s more fantastic work popping up online everyday and Graphic Smash is going to keep bringing it to you!