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ProjectRave- My time at Nekocon

So last weekend I atteneded Nekon 10 and had an awesome time. I hung out with the Arist Alley crew of Anime Arsenal, some old friends of mine that I managed to re-connect with. I got to Meet Phillip Brown of YOSH!, whose online comic I've been following for a long time now. He's a really great guy and we talked about art, comics, and of course the hit show HEROES, on NBC. He and Axel both signed a poster for me that is now hanging in my room. I also got to meet Mike "Mookie" of Dominic Deegan, which I recommend you all read.

 Nekocon itself was a blast. There were a lot of people cosplaying this year, especially Naruto. The dance was pretty good despite the fact that they outlawed break dancing which might be seen as something of a slight on us in the black and latino community, but apperently they had their "reasons". PHSS. Bull. 

 The video game tournaments were pretty good, though I did get wiped out in the 2nd Round of the Guilty Gear XX core tournament. 

 Back to Artist Alley, it was great, there was a ton of talent out there. It really inspired me to bust out some of my better work and has motivated me to focus equally on my art as well as my career. Shout out to all the Anime Arsenal crew: Ernest, Cody, Miguel, Amanda, Trevor, Shawn, Ozzy, Danielle, Angel. Major Shout out the Old Guard, Soul, Joker, Asuma, CVersion, AgentQ, and of course myself OutlawRave. Shout to Ben, Robert, and JD, don't know your aliases now that I think of it lol.