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Marvel, Marvel, Marvel!

Marvel Digitalcats Ho! announcement... check.

Marvel website crash... check.

Waking up the morning after... check:

Re: Marvel, Marvel, Marvel!

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This is too little, too late.

Both Marvel and DC have "histories" going back multiple decades. The chance of anyone actually catching up at this late date is small.

I stopped reading Spider-man back in the eighties when they started having all those crossovers with the other Spider-man titles. It became onerous trying to stay current with a single story when it concluded in a title I did not regularly buy. Will Marvel present complete stories or just titles. How long will these titles remain? It is my understanding that they plan to shuffle titles in and out, so what about a story line in "Amazing Spider-man" that is available at one time, but then concludes in "Peter Parker: Spider-man" that won't be available until some future date?

By the way, who is still reading this super hero stuff anyway?

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