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ProjectRave | Online | Anthro Comic Vol 1 Chapter 1 Page 14 Uploaded!


ProjectRave Online Anthro Comic, Volume 1 Chapter 1 Page 14. Rave and Bael, whom is Rain's brother, discuss her behavior, and begin to put together pieces of the puzzle. Rave alludes to a mysterious SOMEONE, who might be involved.

I finished nearly half of the remaining pages of Chapter 1 this week. I've also done some of the base work for the release of Chapter 0. In Chapter 0 I plan to answer alot of questions that I orginally planned to address in flash backs in Chapter 2, but the script of chapter 2 elvolved to be more driven by a build up to a larger event. More Details on Chapter 0 next post!

ProjectRave | Online | Anthro Manga| Vol 1 Chapter 1 Page 14