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Welcome to 24 Hour Pixel People - the blog for Comixpedia.  In o­ne sense, Comixpedia is o­ne big weblog but it also a magazine that happens to be published o­nline.  Articles for Comixpedia, even news stories need to be researched, reviewed and rewritten before they ever see the light of day.24 Hour Pixel People will be less formal - some news, some opinion and hopefully some dialogue with the many other blogs covering comics now.  You should be able to bookmark pretty soon (if not already) as a way to directly jump to the blog.  Since blog entries won't show up o­n the main page of Comixpedia you'll have to remember to check out the blog itself.  (Somehow I will also try to wrangle an RSS feed for just the blog sooner or later).We'll, hopefully, also have some guest bloggers o­n here sooner or later.  Let me know if you're (a) sane; and (b) interested.- xerexes