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Essay on Manga

I have a new essay entitled "Japanese Visual Language" that outlines the unique properties of the structure of manga and contrasts it with the visual languages of other countries.

It's also a good overview of my theories as a whole. As always, I welcome any and all feedback you might have, either directly to me or on my blog.

Re: Essay on Manga

CyberLord's picture

I have not finished reading the essay yet. Something did catch my eye though.

In particular your use of language in this phrase from page 9:

it should be unsurprising that JVL has influenced drawers in America...

Ummmm, I know what you intended to communicate with the use of the word "drawers", but for me it brought to mind underwear. :) You might want to substitute "illustrators" or "draughtsmen" or something else next time.


OK, I've had time to read the full article. It will still take me some time to digest it all, but one other thing caught my eye. You use Egyptian children as an example of children with difficulty in creating sequential narrative. Well, I'm not surprised. Islam frowns on representational imagery.

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