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Call For Questions For Blank Label Comics

Back in February of this year, we hosted the results of a ComixTalk community interview with the members of the indepedent creators collective, Blank Label Comics. Given that this is an end-of-the-year kind of issue for ComixTalk, I thought it would be great to do another interview with the members of BLC so we could book-end the year between them.

Moreover, although there has been a good deal of press on Halfpixel, the new collective formed by Scott Kurtz and former BLC members Brad Guigar, Dave Kellett and Kris Straub, there is still plenty to catch up on with the six current members of BLC: Howard Tayler, David Willis, Paul Southworth, Paul Taylor, Steve Troop and Greg Dean. Please post your questions here -- I'll collect them on December 21st and send them out for answers with an eye to publishing the full story here in January 2008.


Re: Call For Questions For Blank Label Comics

Thought some more, got some more questions for you guys as a group now.

Having been together now for a while; What, if anything, do you find has changed concerning the original ideas behind creating the group.

If given the option to set quality guidelines for webcomics to adhere to on the net... Would you or would you not, and why?

Where do you see webcomics going from here? And how long until we see a collective for collectives? I'm guessin there is one already and I can' find it right now.

Uhmmm... that's it for now I guess



Re: Call For Questions For Blank Label Comics

Okee doke.

To Greg Dean: What were the major influences that lead to you becoming a "full-time cartoonist". With Real Life being an older comic, is there something you've done/will be doing to bring in the new readers, or any nifty new money making ideas you'd like to share?

To Paul Taylor: First and foremost, I gotta compliment you on your artwork, especially the hands.

Secondly, How do you deal with criticism? Having read several times Wapsi being blasted for having characters made up as blatant fanservice, I can only assume the first few times reading it must hurt like hell. How do you teach yourself to brush off something like that?

To Dave Willis: Having taken the same characters across several genre... how do you keep then sane? To make that clearer, how do you take a character from a comedy, into an action comedy, into an action drama, and then back into a comedy without losing who they were along the way.

To Paul Southworth: How much time do you spend on character design, and what details do you focus on to keep a singular look and feel to a comic casts design.

To Steve Troop: How did your background as an animator effect the way you approach making comics? Also, does having a puppet on hand help when you're trying to draw a character from an odd angle?

To Howard Tayler: The buffer!!! HOW??? REVEAL YOUR SECRETS! I'm sure you've spoken about the buffer before many times so you really don't have to get into it too much, but I was wondering more about why. Is it something you really push for all the time or is it just part of your personality to work so far ahead. Also, do you find you look at the story differently being so far ahead. Having to wait so long from when you finish up a piece that you know(or at least really hope) the audience will love. Do you feel any sort of disconnect between you and the readers because of the time delay?

Thanks for the chance to ask em questions X!



Re: Call For Questions For Blank Label Comics

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So many questions but I don't want to sound generic.

I guess I will just ask this one since a lot of my questiosn have been asekd in the three preivous posts.

How do you promote webcomics? I asked because I am finding it very hard to promote mine.


Thanks for your time!


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Re: Call For Questions For Blank Label Comics

With the webcomic scene tending towards more groups of comics and artists, what do you recommend to someone starting out: go solo, try to join an existing group, or form a new group?

Re: Call For Questions For Blank Label Comics

Any plans to add to the Blank Label lineup, or are you content to remain the Sinister Six of webcomics?