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Anywhere But Here Celebrates 3 years, 700 strips, Still Sucks.

Anywhere But Here hits its three year anniversary on December 7th with over 700 strips published to the web.

Despite its claims that it's the Number 1 viewed webcomic on Modern Tales, it's rather amazing it's as horribly uninspired as it is. According to his blog, Jason Siebels, the creator of this bland facimily of humor blames Jessie Ventura, Bloom County, and Sinfest for his horribly misguided decision to enter into the realm of webcomics. Ventura, Brethead, and Isheda were unavailable for comment.

Mocking is optional, but strongly encouraged.

On second thought do what you

On second thought do what you like to do with your strip and enjoy the ride.  Even the most popular webcomics will eventually end (Goodbye PBF see link above).  As long as you can look back after you quit and say "I enjoyed the ride" instead of "I wasted my life" then you are a success.

Here's the point I was trying

Here's the point I was trying to make on the hits.  I've seen great strips on the web and followed artists who put five, six, seven years into the strip only to look back and ask "how much time have I devoted to this strip and it hasn't got me anything" then walk away.  Life continues to churn and being married and having a child you'll continue to be strained for time and have to make sacrafices.  No denying you have talent.  You are good, that's for sure.  The thing is I've followed your hits for months.  I've seen spikes with your review on Websnark, with your move to Modern Tales and most recently with your Whiteboard mention.  You've pulled it on several different occassions 5-7000 hits on those peaks.  With a daily update you should be able to retain 25% of those which would give you a current fan base of 10-20k.  But eventually it dwindles back down to your small but loyal fan base (me included).  And your fans are going to love whatever you do.  You could piss on paper and post it and Tangent is going to gobble every inch of your meaty manhood up (okay that's a visual I could do without but you get my point),  There is no reason someone with your drive and talent should not be huge on the web especially when you have the spikes in viewership that you have.  You understand.  Playing it safe and being married to one particular piece of work is fine if you are happy with where you are and have no desire to take it to the next level.  Keep in mind, even Bill Watterson had to scrap his original strip based on an unruley teenager and thus Calvin and Hobbes was born.  Just something to think about.  Take it for whatever it's worth.  I'll be a fan no matter if you have one hit or one million.

Re: Getting recognized!

Is their anyone out their that know of a service that will guarantee for a price or a piece of the action or whatever to make a website available for viewing to a large viewing audience?

I'm not talking only about advertising, but i'm talking about reaching out to thousands of people on a daily basis and doing so quickly and not waiting five or ten years to build an audience in the thousands for your website!

I see on the internet websites that have a following of thousands! I also see great looking websites that have a single or double digit following so some one must know something that others do not know!

Perhaps it all comes down to how much money you want to spend in the advertising and promoting of your website!

I have had all kind's of counters on my websites but they vary so much I can't trust anyone to tell me how popular my website is! But my visitor count I am sure is very low!

Re: Anywhere But Here Celebrates 3 years, 700 strips, Still Suck

What SUCKS is a subjective notion of something or someone that is or does something that according to the viewer it is no damn good!

The so called CRITICS of drawing and writing are all full of crap! They assume that they have judgement skills that are so superior that they can pronounce a work in progress or a completed work as lousy or great or whatever!

This is a lot of subjective nonsense and can not possibly be objective and real!

People that take seriously the pronouncements of the critics of this world, are people that cannot think for themselves and make up their own mind as to what they like and do not like!

There is no explaining taste! What tastes good to some, will taste bad to others and what sucks is a subjective judgement call!

If you believe that this post sucks so be it! It is no skin off of my nose!

Actually, I think it's

Actually, I think it's HILLAROUS to self degrade. Personaly, I consider talking the piss out of yourself to be a GOOD thing.

Why isn't the strip bigger? No idea. None. The webs a fickle mistress. Maybe it's the fact that it's a non-manga, non-cheesecake, non-gaming comic. Maybe it's not that funny, MAYBE it hasn't found it's audience. Maybee it's on the wrong collective, and possibly, just POSSIBLY it's only going to attract a few thousand dedicated readers.

I have no idea personally. And as much as I'm curious to what the secret to sucess is, I'm not going to spend too much time losing sleep over why it's NOT.

Re: Actually, I think it's

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3 years and 700 strips? That's amazine. I've done my webcomic since 2002 and just hit the 200 atrip mark.

I myself woul dhave to agree with you that self degrading is AWESOME! It's funny and lets the world know you don't give a shit if they talk shit.


Kudos to you, never read the strip but its impressive in numbers, and thats what counts! (I might go check out it now, just sayin)

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~ jhorsley3

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I think a straight-forward congrats are in order - that's a pretty good chunk of good quality work.

Finding an audience isn't always easy - some material is tougher to sell then others. It's a different issue than the quality of the work itself.


Xaviar Xerexes

Oh yeah... this place is called ComixTalk now.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Re: Anywhere But Here , 700 strips, Still Sucks.

You think it's cool to self degrade? Jason, no. 700 strips three years of daily updates. Congrats but look at your hit count. At this time you should be pulling in 10,000 Ask yourself why you are not? You've got a small but loyal fan base and if you're content keeping it that way enjoy the next 10 years with 2-3 thousand fans. If you want to hit the next level you've got to be honest with yourself and pick up your game. You've got talent, that's apparent but you are not pushing yourself.