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Breaking Continuity


Yep. I did it. I broke continuity to do a holiday themed comic. I at least somewhat-incorporated the Halloween joke into my strip for that day . But two weeks later, I'm realizing the thanksgiving pic is a cheap shot.

I regret it and I'll tell you why: since the comic is nonverbal, I'm conscious that every minute detail and every detail omitted can and probably will be "read"--i.e. assigned significance by some reader. So if my intent as the author is to construct a very specific space within which my actants behave and react, any conceptual shift in that space is more destructive than in other, more verbal types of visual narrative.

Some readers have gone to the trouble to try and define or reconstruct the setting of pear pear, for themselves and for others. One of my favorite interpretations is that it takes place on some kind of "infinite breakfast table." This works for me. But to place the pear and the apple in a Thanksgiving cornucopia takes confidence away from that interpretation. Is their space, then, something vaguer? Do they, in the end, just inhabit a psychological space? Or are we to assume that in continuity, the inhabitant of the domicile containing the infinite breakfast table, who we previously assumed to be slovenly, suddenly cleared that table of its accumulated debris--some dishes, some cheerios and crumbs, some junk mail--and took up an interest in elaborate decor?

That's all conceptual and probably only bothers nerds like me. On a more concrete level the cornucopia interrupts a crucial point in character development. But I'll let readers decide what that development is. And whether or not the relationship between a pear and a mug can develop. And whether a pear and a mug can have a relationship.

Re: Breaking Continuity

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Those two comics are pretty jarring, and I think you really accurately hit on the head why they corrupt your story line. A number of comic artists will create a special "extra" or "gallery" section for things such as holiday or guest comics and remove them from the continuum of the story.


Uh, what an amazing comic though.

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