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The Trial of The Dark Nebula concludes (& the outcome is not what you expect)

Round one of the Trial of The Dark Nebula has gone to Cerellus & his fellow Caileuans (almost sounds like a rock band). Mark Medula has lost his struggle with Cerellus for predominance over his own body. He is now a prisioner within his own subconscious, en-route to Cerellus'home planet, Caileu, for trial & final judgement. All looks bleak for The Dark Nebula & the Earth - or does it? Nothing short of a miracle can rescue this situation. It's fortunate that 'the impossible' is just another day in the office for The Dark Nebula.

The Trial of The Dark Nebula, part 2 'Oblivion' - after this nothing remains the same. This is the story that saw the artistic debut of Jason Paulos (Hairbutt The Hippo) & features the bleak 'white' cover by Glenn Lumsden, a piece lauded as a seminal image for both The Dark Nebula & Australian comics in general, only at