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#22 of Shuriken Diaries and a thought on "The Big Guys" linking eachother, aka the vicious cycle

This goes to a flickr page The latest strip of Shuriken Diaries, "Mudansha", can be enjoyed by clicking HERESMOKEBOMB!
Also, a (tasteless) fan remix of this strip can be seen here.

Regarding the big guys linking to eachother (The QCs, Overcompensatings, etc), doesn't it kinda hurt that most of them just link to eachother on the main pages? Wouldn't it be GNARLY if they linked to up and coming comics, like, I dunno, MINE, or maybe, YOURS? It's not like guys like White Ninja and Dino Comics are itching for hits or anything (at this point I'd like to profess my love for all things Toronto-local-boy Ryan North flavored). It kinda just perpetuates a cycle of these big guys being the only ones people seem to find. Just a thought is all. I know a lot of these guys actually know and are friends with eachother, but wouldn't it make sense for a site like Pear-Pear or Bear and Kitten to get link love? Those comics are omigad-insano-tron.

Re: #22 of Shuriken Diaries and a thought on "The Big Guys" link

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it does seem that the only people who link to up-n-comers, are in fact, up-n-comers themselves.
i mean, i get it, pvp and penny arcade love each other.
okay, anyone who goes to my site and emails me with a comic link and puts in not a big guy in the email text, will totally get a link. i also hope that they link me back.
i'm not a big guy, but let's try to help all of us little guys (n gals) out.