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My 2007 webcomic awards

The "I Came Out Of Nowhere" Webcomic 2007

Octopus Pie

Whoever actually discovered it first is still a mystery. To be honest, how I found it is a mystery itself. I'm sure it was linked somewhere but technically it was linked at so many places in such a small amount of time that it suddenly became a hit, but then again it was a hit in the first place! The writing, drawing, etc. is fantastic and great from strip 1 onwards! It even brought out a book, that's how impressive it was!

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Best Idea of 2007

London Underground Comics Camden Stall

I've been on the stall, I've met the people and I've even got working behind it and it's an extremely bold but fantastic idea. Sure we have conventions but this is getting webcomics (and normal comics) into the mainstream way. It's a challenge I must admit and I know I jump at challenges even if money doesn't seem like it'll make it happen, but it has and it's earning a success for the group that's involved so I hope that London Underground Comics sprouts Underground Comics around other markets in the UK, would be a great thing indeed for 2008! Global takeover!

Favourite New Find of 2007

Angry Little Robot

So cute but he's so angry. Some of the comics are amazing and my truely awesome find of this year has to go to this lovely webcomic. It's honestly simplistic drawing and I like that, and utterly hillarious something which I do enjoy. This is my ultimate find in such a way I'd be honoured if I somehow convinced the artist to do one of my projects - fingers crossed!

My Favourite Project of the Year

Tastefully Done 2008 Don't get me wrong, the Kid's Book Project was an ultimate success in my eyes, awesome in every way and even seeing the book in my living room is unbelievable but my favourite project this year was the calendar because it's the second year but it's got some ultimate names inside and I didn't have to beg like last year. Maybe it's my name people know or maybe they know of last year's result but already I have two yes' for next year's calendar, that's how popular / good it was for me!

Thing of the Year

Ninja Bunny Poster

Something that can only be seen at conventions, but this was a unique idea that basically came (or maybe was the final straw) when I helped out at Birmingham. You see, I always help behind the stall of Ninja Bunny and often draw sketches even though I'm not the writer or artist for the webcomic, so this time round it was "I'll draw you any animal as a Ninja" and hence we had some face offs where I vs Phil had to draw certain animals and also just me plainly drawing Ninja Octopus, etc. I'm sure Phil only did the poster for one reason, so I can't draw any animal ninjas! Bah!

Book of the Year

The Everyday Comics

Small, bright and my ultimate find and laughter of this year. I must admit, I have lacked very badly this year with Webcomics in Print. It did lose its appeal reading comics and basically buying comics and I felt like it was poor of me to suddenly stop right after but I just didn't find the time to do anything anymore, what with the Kid's Project and such, but finding this at the Birmingham Convention was my favourite find and I was quite happy with it. Although mini, it's got at least one or two strips that will definately make you chuckle whilst riding a train or bus.

Artist of the Year

Brandon J. Carr

I talk to a lot of artists, my MSN is full of them, I email them, I facebook them, I even poke them (you know who you are), but out of all of them there are a few which I honour of becoming a true friend. Not many get that and so far this year one friend has already been removed from that listing. But Brandon seems to be there and even allows me to take on my mad brain schemes and even provide the artwork for it. Brandon is a genuine fella, trouble is like all artists needs a kick up his backside when deadlines comes and go! Hehe

Webcomic of the Year


Out of all the many webcomics I read, this is the only one relating to a subject I love to bits (baring bunnies). It's got me so hooked this year, even gasping, even writing to the artist himself (though I've known him since he did contribute to last year's Tastefully Done). This year was major for Multiplex and I enjoyed every twist, turn and more twists! My jaw dropped when my favourite character left, and other revelations were revealled. To be honest, Multiplex is my ultimate webcomic of 2007 for me, a great webcomic and hopefully more left in him!

My little award selection

Great list. Smile I'm glad to hear of the London Underground stall.

I've a few of my own (I hope you don't mind me adding them here, I don't think I've enough to justify a whole new thread):

Thomas K Dye for taking his long-running strip Newshounds in new artistic directions by moving it from a newspaper-format strip to an online graphic novel. Also for a charming short spinoff series, Kid Gloves.

Sugary Serials for their unique anthology/magazine approach to online comics publishing, alternately running short comic series by different creators to keep a daily update schedule and regular monthly printed collections.

Jennifer Diane Reitz for continuing to expand the cosmos, ideas and imagery of her original Unicorn Jelly science-fiction saga over the last three years through the two sequels Pastel Defender Heliotrope and To Save Her.

Nightmare World's creators for their continuing series of short online "horror comics", short sharp tales drawn in a wide range of styles and mostly covering the pieces of a single major apocalyptic storyline seen from many viewpoints.

Re: My 2007 webcomic awards

Uncle Ghastly's picture

Octopus Pie is such an awesome little comic. It makes me want to stop being crazy and start doing comics again.

Re: My 2007 webcomic awards

Xaviar Xerexes's picture

I await guest "Octopus Pie" comics from Ghastly! The possibilities are... if not endless, at least obvious! :)


Xaviar Xerexes

Oh yeah... this place is called ComixTalk now.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Re: My 2007 webcomic awards

Gordon McAlpin's picture
Aw, shucks.

Multiplex is a twice weekly humor comic about the staff of the Multiplex 10 Cinemas and the movies that play there.

Re: My 2007 webcomic awards

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Great list. Thanks for this.