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Sugary Serials #1-3 In Print, CBZ, PDF, and PSP

Sugary Serials, the Saturday Morning style comics anthology published by 01 Comics, has completed the web serialization of its first round of stories. After completing each month of daily updates, the anthology is collected in print. Now at last, you can read all three of the inaugural Sugary Serials comics in their entirety!

In Chet Lucero's Dreamform Defenders, the realm of sleep is protected by a troop of special dreams (or "Dreamforms") that are no longer needed by their dreamers. Can Spacey, Wenda, Sheriff Mummy, and Barrel King stop the evil Detrius and his army of Phantasms from turning the dreams of children into nightmares?

In Sara Turner and Jerzy Drozd's Equalizers of the Divide, our heroes travel to the once bountiful land of Dithyrambos to find information about the evil Baron Noirtok. When they find the people in hiding and the town in ruins, can Noirtok and his henchmen be far away?

In Mark Rudolph's Curse of the Pharaohs, Wallace and Unca Rodge's trip to the Rawling County Fair leads to a confrontation with a ancient and mystical evil. Will the nefarious Apollo Champagne lead a legion of the undead to overthrow mankind, and will Wallace be their first victim?

The comics are also available in CBZ, PDF, and PSP format. The archives and downloads will remain free, but sales of the print editions are the main source of compensation for the creators. 100% of all proceeds, after print costs, go to the creators.

Sugary Serials #4 is currently updating daily, featuring Daring Dodo by Matt Putnam-Pouliot, nemu*nemu by Kyubikitsy and Kimonostereo, and The Galactic League of Marshals by Mark Rudolph and Jerzy Drozd.