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Three New 'Serenity Tales' Online

After a nice long hiatus, the "Big Damn Fan Comic" website "Serenity Tales" is back -- with three new installments (and a few more not too terribly far off):

1. "Yarn"
by Mark Bourne and Neal Skorpen
In this six-pager set after the events of "Serenity," Jayne Cobb's mother proves she's as tough as her son.

2. Notes on a Fridge [on a Spaceship], Vol. 2
by Arwen Bijker; some artwork courtesy Ursula Vernon.
THE STORY: Arwen's remarkable fan-fiction experiment continues with nine (yes, nine) new notes! Serenity's crew just can't stop arguing via a series of handwritten missives stuck on the ship's fridge.

3. Serenity Park #3: Goushi
by Lux Lucre and Wydraz
Meet the "South Park"-ized Shepherd Book.

There's also a fairly massive update to the site's database of webcomics mentioning "Firefly" and "Serenity" -- which now clocks in with well over 70 references.