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Choices with Speech Bubble Design

In the latest comic, I've tried to take into account some of the very precise, thoughtful criticism I've received from some other webcomickers on speech bubble design.

I'm going to try to stick to a more regular, consistent set of rules for the speech/thought bubbles. Up to now they've been randomly bleeding off of edges, and sort of colloidal...somewhat but not quite adjusting to the shape of their container (the upper boundaries of the panel). I find it inelegant when a speech bubble's border "kiss fits" the edge of a panel, but my solutions to this dilemma have been wanting. So I'm trying a format that speaks more to the speech bubbles' frequent role as panels-within-panels, and I'm actually pretty pleased with the results here; the white space around and between the panels emphasizes its own subtle ambiguity; it's both inside and outside the space occupied by the actants. (Thanks to vulpeslibertas for his suggestions and ideas both here and on the webcomiclist forums.)

Secondly, in the spirit of experimentation, I'm pushing to the limit the realism of the graphics inside the speech bubbles. If nothing else, the comments on the last post made me curious as to how this would play out. Let me know what you think. What does this cartoon seem to be picturing? What does the differentiation in drawing style do for you?