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Announcing the Goldskull Project Charity Comic Project

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to do a charity comic, sending all the profits to The Jimmy Fund, and now I’m finally getting it going.

I’d like to officially announce the beginning of the Goldskull Project, a massive effort to produce a comic anthology of short stories using my original character Goldskull. The project is in its infancy at this point, but here’s what I’m aiming to do: I want to offer the anthology - for free - through WOWIO, a free e-book site. Every PDF of the anthology that’s downloaded would generate a little bit of money for the charity. The anthology would have to be completed and then go through WOWIO’s submission process, but with some of the incredibly talented people who have already signed on, it’s pretty much a sure thing.

I’m also still looking for artists willing to offer their services for a few pages. Every artist that volunteers would let me know how many pages they would like to contribute, and then recieve a complete short story totaling that many pages, making sure that there is no real “art change” interruption in any given short story. I’m only asking for penciled and inked works from my artists, but if they want to color and letter their work, that’s fine. It’s all digital, and varitety is a goal, so anything goes. Goldskull is a superhero farce that looks at everything from battling supervillains to superhero hygiene to the sanctity of the signal light. It's all light, good fun, and definetely offbeat.

If there’s any artists out there willing to help out with the Goldskull Project, or has more questions on what it’s about, feel free to ask in the comments area or send me a message at seanconchieri AT yahoo DOT com.