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Broken Frontier Top Creators and Comics

The comic book news website Broken Frontier is giving out awards (basically the picks of the website staff) and it's nominees for webcomic categories are:

Best Webcomic Creator:

  • Frank Frisina writer on Life’s a Bluff
  • Ramon Perez artist on Butternut Squash
  • Scott Christian Sava for Dreamland Chronicles
  • Ursula Vernon for Digger

Best Webcomic:

  • Dreamland Chronicles
  • Last Blood
  • Penny Arcade
  • Perry Bible Fellowship

Re: Broken Frontier Top Creators and Comics

Xaviar Xerexes's picture

I know - I also don't get comparing creators who are just writers or just artists with writer/artists... Not that one is better or worse, it's just how to you compare Frisna's writing with Perez' art (apples and oranges basically)...


Xaviar Xerexes

Oh yeah... this place is called ComixTalk now.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Re: Broken Frontier Top Creators and Comics

Gordon McAlpin's picture

Uh... so the Best Webcomic Creator isn't necessarily the creator of the Best Webcomic? That's so fucking weird.

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