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The Webcomic Beacon - Ep 7 - Open Forum!

OPEN FORUM! We kinda go all over the place this week. We do talk with Mrs. Kolter about The Comic Genesis Cookout! Aaron of The Best of What’s Left joins us as an impromptu guest host for a while. We now have Webcomic Impressions with Aaron Edwards of Aaron’s Webcomic Reviews and Blog! As well as Webcomic Milestones with our own announcer, Witchiebunny!

Yes, we have a backlog of submitted webcomics for Impressions and we are starting to cover them. So for those that were wondering: we’re working on it!


Please “CALL-IN” or e-mail a message to us with a question or comment about this week’s topic, or next week’s topic!

For next week, we will be having Drowemos, along with a few more people to have a webcomic brainstorming session, which they hope to turn into a podcast of its own! Also be sure to stop by next week Wednesday on Skype and look for “Fesworks” to see if we’ll take live calls! (basically send a message to him first