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TWCB - Episode 8 - Webcomic Brainstorming #1

Trying something new, with a Webcomic Brainstorm Session! With us is Drowemos, Gothia, and Thom -- brainstorming a new webcomic, essentially from scratch.

Brett Hainley returns with another Casual Rambling. We also have some brutally honest Webcomic Impressions of Invincible Jeff and Radcliffe with Aarin Edwards and a Webcomic Review of What Birds Know from Diana Nock!

For next week, we will be talking about Developing a Webcomic Style and will be interviewing Brock Heasley. Please “CALL-IN” or e-mail a message to us with a question or comment about this week’s topic, or next week’s topic!

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Thanks to our announcer Witchiebunny and Brian Leyk for the show’s music!
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