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Multiplex eBook collection now available at WOWIO

Multiplex eBook cover The first issue of the Multiplex eBook collection is now available at WOWIO. It's 36 pages long, and it collects Multiplex #s 1-24 plus a couple of guest strips (by me) and seven other strips not available in the Multiplex archives. Some of these have been seen as vote incentives at the Multiplex site -- but not all of them! The new strips fit snugly in-between the strips from the archives and, I think, help to flesh out the characters and their relationships in these early strips.

But in my opinion, the coolest little extra is that the inside front cover has an illustration that preserves the vector artwork I draw the strip with, meaning you can literally zoom in over 1000% and look at all the little mistakes I usually let slip because they're too small to see on the web.

The BEST part is, it's FREE!