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New webcomics in print!

Just wanted to let everyone know, my webcomic, Cðulhuviða, and an anthology from the North Carolina WebComic Coffee Clatch are both now in print. They can be found, along with Sinister Bedfellows: Anthology, at

The NCWCCC features and introduction by Shannon Wheeler of Too Much Coffee Man as well as:

  • Too Much Coffee Catgirl: Art by Jennie Breeden
  • Witch’s Brew: Art by Jamie Robertson
  • The Bloody Beans: Story by Dave Milloway and Matt Wood, Art By Peter Venables
  • tadakimasu: Art by Mike Moon
  • Cafe Du Mime and Cafe Du Mime Loquace: Art by Stephanie Freese
  • Coffee Frenzy: Story and Art by Leah Riley and Will Wood
  • Good Morning, Dad: Story and Art by Larry Holderfield
  • Catgirl Coffee: Art by Mike Moon
  • Furmentation - Coffee Behind the Lines: Story and Art by Phillip Wright
  • The Paws that Refreshes: Art by Mike Moon
  • Espresso: Story and Art by Larry Holderfield
  • Ancient Valley of Java: Story and Art by Ursula Vernon
  • In the Shop: Story by Marty Blevins, Art by Brian Shearer
  • Mocha: Story and Art by Jamie Robertson
  • The Annotated Sinister Bedfellows: Story and Photography by Larry Holderfield
  • Hot Chai Bath: Art by Mike Moon
  • Decafinated: Story by Zack Smith, Art by Thomas A. Boatwright, Letters by Thomas Mauer
  • After Dinner Coffee: Art by Jamie Robertson
  • Coffee Shop Girl: Art by Larry Holderfield