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The Webcomic Beacon - Episode #11

The candy is 50% off, and we had another open forum for this week’s show! We maybe mentioned Valentine’s Day, but we also talk about the nominees of the WCCAs (vote soon!). We also interviewed Rene Engström of Anders Loves Maria! Also Brett Hainley rants about online dickery in his Casually Ramblings. Diana Nock gives us a review of Hold My Life, and Aarin Edwards gives his impression of Stupid Robot.

For next week, we have a Special Guest Host! That’s right, pretend you don’t know Jerzy Drozd of Sugary Serials and the Art and Story podcast! Next week’s show is themed as “Serial Printing”. Submit an audio file or plain text e-mail message to us with a question or comment about this week’s topic, or next week’s topic!

Some other sites and webcomics mentioned on this week’s show include: Meiosis, Minus, Bear and Kitten, Cooties, Quitting Time, Coffee Time and Across the Way,,, and tons of comics listed as the nominees to The Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards. (Vote Now!) And check out the ongoing comic strip contests at Strip

The Webcomic Beacon - Episode 11