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The Webcomic Beacon - Printing: Serials & Anthologies

Special Guest Host this week: Jerzy Drozd of Sugary Serials and the Art and Story podcast!  Click here for Episode 12 - Printing: Serials & AnthologiesWe talk about printing webcomics in issues and anthologies. Plugging a number of sites in the process. We miss having Diana and Brett this week, but Fes goes ahead and reviews Marry Me. Also,  we still have Aarin Edwards giving his Impressions of Split Shift and Poly+Morfs (submit your own comic (if less than 100 strips) to get a quick impression by Aarin!)Sites mentioned this week: Sugary Serials, 01 Comics, IndyPlanet, KA-BLAM Digital Pritning, LuLu; and webcomics: Nemu Nemu, Dial K for Komics, Jenny Everywhere. Also enter contests at Strip next week, we will be doing another webcomic brainstorm session, picking up from where we left off with Episode 8. Submit an audio file or plain text e-mail message to us with a question or comment about this week’s topic, or next week’s topic!