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Webcomic site extras - too gimmicky? Also hi, new guy here.

Hey, everyone.  I'm new to this community, and this seems as good a topic to start on as any.

I'd like some public opinions on a supplemental site I put together for my Zudacomic, YULETIDE.  First, here's the link:


What I'd like to know is (well, first of all, do you like it? but that's not the question): Does this come off as too much of a gimmick?  It's meant to be a fun time-waster, and obviously a means of promotion - but I have my lingering doubts.

Thanks for the advice about

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Thanks for the advice about the layout - I'm not overloaded with time to do such things right now, but should I get the chance, I'll see what I can do.  Mind you, this was also the second website I've ever built, and the first one without an WYSIWYG editor - so I'm learning.


I'd love to add more information about the characters and the backstory.  But the thing is - I can't.  At least not without being insanely careful.  Part of the contract I have with Zuda currently specifies that I am not allowed to advance the story - and it's a little tricky figuring out where that line is drawn (elements of character backgrounds show up as plot points in this story a lot, so it's a tough call.)  The info on the cards is just a few small tidbits, and that's all I can afford to spare, I think.  As we get further through the month, though, there will be cards for more characters, so that might help.

Check out YULETIDE at

The idea of a supplemental

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The idea of a supplemental site doesn't feel too gimmicky to me. With the right content, it can be very enjoyable.

However, I think the way your site is currently presented does feel a bit gimmicky. It feels a little like a shell game, like it's trying to pretend to be about more than just the cards but actually isn't, because that's the only content that immediately draws the eye, especially since that at least with my Firefox browser, the frame is cutting off the bottom third of the menu words.

I think you could fix a lot of that feel by switching to a left-sidebar navigation system in a smaller font, leaving the majority of the full screen for the content - this draws the eye to content and give the viewer more info on each page. I'd also change the shrink the size of that Yuletide Companion graphic -- I'm on a relatively high-rez monitor, and it's huge to me. A lot of people use significantly smaller resolutions, and it's got to be ginormous on those. Another problem with the huge headline -- you want your breaking news to be visible on the first screen. Having to scroll so far down to get it makes me less likely to go looking for it.

Are you planning on introducing the cast more fully on the site, and/or going into more depth about the world? It's a great space for doing that. Right now looking at it, I don't really feel any familiarity or connection to the Zuda comic - more art and information about the characters would really help. Then it could not just be a supplemental site, but a full platform in itself to springboard people into reading the comic.

Good luck!