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Breakfast of the Gods Book Two is a wrap!

Well, it only took a year.  Brendan Douglas Jones (that’s me!) is proud to announce the completion of O Cap'n, My Cap'n - book two of  his critically acclaimed and controversial comic book series Breakfast of the Gods.

In the second volume of this vitamin-fortified epic, stakes were raised as we met the determinedly neutral bar owner Toucan Sam, journeyed into the depths of Castle Chocula, witnessed the temptation of the Trix Rabbit and the ultimate fate of Cap’n Horatio M. Crunch!  The sides have been drawn and the battle begins in earnest when book three, Apocalypse Yum, begins in May.

Here’s what people are saying about Breakfast of the Gods:

I found this to be a thoroughly entertaining and inventive comic. Much like FABLES before it, this book takes childhood icons (this time characters from breakfast cereal boxes instead of those from fairy tales) and casts them all together in an intriguing mystery filled with twists, turns, and magically delicious characterization. Anyone who grew up when actual cartoons were shown on Saturday mornings and not SAVED BY THE BELL spin-offs will appreciate seeing Tony the Tiger, Count Chocula, Captain Crunch, and Super Bear interact like you’ve never seen them before. The characters that leapt into action from your cereal boxes always looked as if they were heading out for some type of adventure. This story tells that tale.” --- Ambush Bug, Ain't It Cool News (BOTG was the first web comic ever reviewed on this site) 

Let it be known now that Brendan Douglas Jones’ Breakfast of the Gods is the Watchmen of cereal mascots. Genius, genius work. I would, in fact, say that’s it’s grrrrrreat! -- Yeah, it can be dark and violent, but it’s always self-aware. No one’s childhood is getting raped here; Jones is just telling a crazy, epic fantasy adventure that happens to star cereal mascots. The art’s good too: the characters are well-cartooned and everything’s as colorful as it was on the cereal box.” --- Bill Reed, 365 Reasons to Love Comics #247, Comics Should Be Good! 

What really impresses me about Breakfast of the Gods is that Jones manages to actually capture a genuine sense of dramatic tension, despite the obviously ludicrous nature of the setting and the cast. He keeps the characters true to form in appearance - the art is perfectly cartoony and brilliantly rendered, which makes it all the more disturbing when the tone grows truly dark. That blend of the silly and the dark is what makes the comic so surreal, but also what makes it so effective.” --- Matt Koelbl, Damn Good Comics

So, what’re you waitin’ for?  Check out the first two books of Breakfast of the Gods, the comic that’s good and good for you!