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Boxcar Comics Returns From The Ashes

Webcomic collective Boxcar Comics is pleased to announce a re-energized creative direction with a redesigned web site to boot!

As part of our renewed purpose, Boxcar is investing efforts into monthly creator-hosted podcasts (coming soon), published jam comics(also, coming soon) and an increased collective presence at comic book conventions.

Carefully collecting a select group of creators from across the internet, Boxcar Comics exists to promote the talents of unique writers and artists who bring their creations to audiences across the world!

Please take this opportunity to bookmark this site for the most recent news pertaining to its membership as well as to learn more about the individual creators and their comics.

Stay tuned for new regarding upcoming podcasts, jam comic publications and convention appearances.

Boxcar Comics consists of:

Tom Brazelton - Theater Hopper
Phil Chan - Matriculated
Joe Dunn - Joe Loves Crappy Movies, Matriculated
Ali Grahm - Afterstrife
Zach Miller - Joe and Monkey
Wes Molebash - You’ll Have That
James Turner - Beaver and Steve
Clay & Hampton Yount - Rob and Elliot

Please also take this opportunity to visit and bookmark each of our members sites posting new comics multiple times a week , and add the Boxcar widget to your homepage.


Despicable Comics -Nothing Like it anywhere!

despicable's picture

 I am sorry if I was not on topic! ...Forgive me for being so ignorant of the rules! ... I am new to all of this posting and blogging and commenting and I was carried away by the thought that I could pimp my newly hosted website!....I was probably wrong in doing so and I apologize for this indiscretion!

I Remain ....

   .... Despicable ! 

Dick Walters

Es Okay!

Xaviar Xerexes's picture

Posting about your comic is great and very welcome here - just log into your account and then click on "Create Talk Post" on the front page of the site (it's below the cover art).

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

I am so sorry!!

I am so sorry if I did not follow the rules! ....Please excuse me for being so insensitive to the topic that was being discussed! .....I was not aware of what the topic under discussion was!  ...The talented collective artists and writers that are connected to "Box Car Comics" used the space above me and wrote that they were coming back better than ever before and urged viewers to view their collective efforts!

I assumed that if they could make an announcement of that kind that I would not be out of order in announcing and promoting my new website that is now being hosted at

I am kind of new here so please accept my apology if I had violated the rules! ....I am sorry if  my comments were not on topic!    


Try to keep comments on topic

Xaviar Xerexes's picture

Try to keep comments on topic.  if you want to talk about something different than the talk post... well, create a new talk post about it.  Thanks!

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Despicable Comics -Nothing Like it anywhere!

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 I have created a panorama of comic humor that has never been duplicated anywhere and does not resemble anything that has been done in the past or at the present time! The humor is too outrageous  to be published in print and too despicable and disgusting to get the attention of the type of viewers that feel embarrassed by cartoon content that is regarded as not politically correct and perhaps in their mind as cruel and not sensitive to the feelings of others!

I have been told that my particular brand of cartoon humor  has made them them laugh themselves silly, and after they had done so they have felt guilty for laughing and had hoped that no one was watching them when they were laughing at the despicable cartoon humor that I had created!

My cartoon humor is deliberately directed at people that are different! ...  I believe that if you can laugh at yourself  people will not laugh at you, but they will laugh with you, and that is more desirable than keeping people that are different inside a closet and ignoring them and treating them like they do not exist!

So all you well adjusted people that are ugly, fat, blind, have no arms or legs  and can laugh at yourself and your particular deformity or whatever, ...I invite you to view the very funny pages inside my website the url is...

I remain,





Dick Walters