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The award-winning Hero By Night mini series available as a free download at

The 2006 Comic Book Challenge winner, and critically acclaimed series features the story of Jack King, a young man who finds the lair of a long vanished superhero in his apartment building and decides to auction off some of the memorabilia. But, Jack's efforts to cash in attract the attention of the hero's arch-enemy -- a villain even the Hero By Night couldn't destroy.

"Having our work available to anyone online, at any time of the day, is simply amazing". said D.J. Coffman, the series creator and artist. "It's not easy for a new super hero themed book to come along and compete with the big guys in stores. Services like Wowio and our webcomics site help us level that playing field a bit and allow readers to sample what we have going on. I'm confident when they do, they'll be hooked and back for more at their local comics shops. It's also been a great way to bring new readers into comics." 

"We feel that D.J. has really created a hero for the new millennium in Hero By Night and we're really glad to have him as a partner.  His artistic vision is an inspiration to us and is helping us to mold how we're progressing with all of our comics." Dan Forcey,Vice President, Content Development at Platinum Studios, Inc.

Hero By Night is currently available as a bi-monthly ongoing print series available through Diamond Previews and local comic shops everywhere, and as an ongoing webcomic series with over 300 pages available at