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Frances and Friends – An Innovative New Comic by Brian Prinidville – Exclusively at Clickwheel

Clickwheel is proud to announce a FREE new on-going exclusive comic by the creator of Bassetville, Bryan Prindiville: Frances and Friends!

Frances & Friends introduces an innovative new way of creating content for iPod. Dubbed a "clickbook," Frances and Friends is an animated feature, which allows you control the speed of the animation. You can download the panels from and sync to your iPod and then navigate through them using your iPod's clickwheel, (or flip through them on your iPhone) creating a truly unique reading experience.

If you don’t have an iPod, you can also download the PDF version and make your way through the animation using the up and down arrows on your keyboard. Frances and Friends is an all-ages comics sure to delight the young as well as the chronologically challenged! Be sure to add Frances and Friends to your Clickwheel Channel to day by selecting it from the comics listing at: and clicking ‘Add to My Channel.’

Look for more news from, the leading innovator in downloadable comics and home of 2000AD online soon!